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Vacuum Adapters (Carboys to Barrels)

Vacuum Adapters (Carboys to Barrels)



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Carboy Adapter $9.95
Barrel-Demijohn Adapter $16.95

Vacuum Adapters - Regular Barrel / Demijohn or Small Barrel / Carboy

Silicon adapters for racking to any vessel.  Use with either your Enolmatic or ValleyVintner Vacuum Pump.  Vacuum side takes 5/16" ID hose which also fits both the Enolmatic and ValleyVintner Vacuum Pump.


Food Grade Silicon & polycarbonate plastic.
• Barrel adapter 2-3/16" tapers to 1-3/4".  Wine side takes 1/2" ID hose.  
• Carboy adapter (fits "5-6.5 gal carboys") tapers from 1 3/8" to 1".  Both sides take 5/16" hose.

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