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Oak Staves - American Medium Toast

Oak Staves - American Medium Toast



Use Oak Staves to extend the life of used barrels or add true oak characteristics to carboys. Staves are aged 2years and toasted! Each stave weighs approximately 3 Ozs. Use 2-3 per Carboy or as desired.

Dosage rateFor 100% new barrel impact, use 30 staves per barrel (225 Lt) or 3+ per 5 gallon carboy (Note:  Wood to wine ratios are significantly higher in carboys.  Start with fewer and add more to achieve your targeted oak  preference.)
Stave length~ 17.5 inches (45 cm)
Stave width~ 1 inch (2.5 cm)
Stave thickness~ 3/8 inch (10 mm)
Contact time~ 3 months or per your preference
Seasoning3 years in natural elements
Toast methodTraditional fire
Toast levelsMedium Plus
Useful life18 months
Type of oakAmerican or French


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