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Lab Test Kit (Postage Paid)

Lab Test Kit (Postage Paid)



Panel A: Free S02, pH and TA $35.95
Panel B: Free S02, pH, TA, M/L & Alcohol $54.95
M/L (Malic to Lactic Conversion) $26.95
Alcohol (Dry Wines) $34.95
Alcohol (Sweet Wines) $38.95
Sugar RS (Post Fermentation) $14.95
Free S02$24.95
Total Acidity (TA)$19.95
Overnight Rush Add $25.00

Professional Analysis In Our Lab via a "Postage Paid Lab Test Kit"!

For several years VV Labs has been providing wineries in the Tri-Valley with professional analytical services.  We're now extending the same professional analysis service to small and boutique vintners via a self contained, postage paid, sample kit!

Order your desired test, fill, seal and return your sample(s) in the provided kit!

Free S02, pH, TA, M/L, YAN, Alcohol, VA, RS and More !!!

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