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Vacuum Bottler - Dual Nozzle Kit

Vacuum Bottler - Dual Nozzle Kit



Save $50 - Use your own carboy for the overflow vessel.  We don't like to ship glass carboys so save $50 by using your own carboy.  Simply insert the vacuum adapter in your own carboy. 

Click here and we'll remove the carboy from your kit and reduce your order by $50.

2 CFM 1/4 HP, Pump $100 - The 1/4 HP pumps provides more vacuum if pulling from longer distances. 

Click here and we'll upgrade your order to the 2CFM pump and adjust your order by $100.



  • Double Nozzle and Stand
  • 2 CFM, Oil Free Vacuum Pump, 1/6 HP
  • 3 gallon Carboy Overflow Protection
  • Vacuum relief and speed control adapter



  • Vacuum Carboy Adapter for racking to/from Carboys
  • Vacuum Barrel Adapter for filling/racking/topping Barrels
  • Filter Housing and Filters to filter inline while bottling

Click Here for assembly instructions:

Click Here for instructions:

Stand height is adjustable to accomodate 375ml - 1.5liter bottles.

Click Here for larger drawing::

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