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S02 Kit - measure free SO2 by AERATION OXIDATION

S02 Kit - measure free SO2 by AERATION OXIDATION




Wait !!! 

There's a better way to measure Free and Total S02!  Check out the Vinmetrica SC-100A S02 Analyzer!!!

For 20 years we've been using the areation/oxidative method for measuring S02.  Typical time to set up and test is 15-20 minutes.  After through testing and evaluation we have switched our lab and winery over to the Vinmetrica tool.  Typical set up and test time has reduced to under 1-2 minutes per test.


Determination of Free SO2 via Aspiration Method .

Set includes all hardware and chemicals to measure Free S02 right out of the box. 

Kit includes:

  • Titration stand & clamps

  • 10mL Glass burette with stop

  • 10 & 20 mL Pipette

  • Flask with Impinger

  • Receiver & Cylinder

  • Air Supply Pump with control valve & tubing

  • S02 indicator solution, .01N Sodium Hydroxide, .3% Hydrogen Peroxide, 25% Phosphoric Acid

  • Detailed instructions


New - Click the Camera for Video Instructions on using this kit to measure Free S02 !

Click Here For Instructions: Click Here!

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