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pH Meter - Portable With Temp Probe (PH-013)

pH Meter - Portable With Temp Probe (PH-013)



Click Here for Video on pH Meter Calibration

Precision pH Meter with replaceable electrode (uses standard BNC connector),  remote stainless temperature probe, 2 point calibration, Range 0-14 pH w/resolution & accuracy of .03 pH. Approximately 250 hour battery life.

Specifications :

Range: pH  0.00-14.00   mV  -1999-1999   C  0-100C
Resolution :  0.01  pH   mV  1.0mV    C  0.1C
Accuracy: pH  0.03 pH   mV  5mv    C  0.4C
Size: 7.25" (L) x 3.25"(W) x 1.75(H) [185 mm(L) x 82 mm(W) x 45 mm(H)]
1.1 Lbs. (500 Grams)

Battery: 9 Volt (Included)

Portable Precision pH Meter;  Includes Meter, Electrode, Temperature Probe, Calibration Screwdriver, 9 Volt Battery.

1 Year Warranty

Refillable Electrode Use Instructions: Click Here!

Electrode Trouble Shooting Instructions: Click Here!

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