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Cork - Twin Disk-Premium Cork (25 - 500ct)

Cork - Twin Disk-Premium Cork (25 - 500ct)



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Bag - 25 count ($12.95)
Bag - 100 count $48.50 (Adder $35.55)
Bag - 500 count $195.25 (Adder $182.30)
Virtually a perfect seal, perfect aging, everytime.
23.5mm x 44mm (1" x 1 3/4") Twin Disk premium corks provide the best of both all natural cork and synthetic elasticity. Both ends are 100% natural cork. The center is agglomerated natural cork.

The corks will arrive to you bottle ready and any further sterilization is highly discouraged. Boiling or soaking can effect the cork outerwall causing them to stick to the bottle and making them difficult to uncork later.

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